Welcome to my site. My name is Greg Howes and I am an artist living near Carmarthen in south west Wales. From as far back as I remember I have always been inspired by art whether it be natures' own creation or by an individual. My influences included the punk movement 1976-1982, Andy Warhol, Toulouse Lautrec, and Jamie Reid amongst many others.

I like to use a wide range of materials in my work from paints, to photographs, textiles and many more. I am particularly interested in pop and experimental art. I like art with an impact and try to keep my art expressive, vibrant and if it’s a portrait I try to maintain the spirit of what I see within the person.

I sell prints of my designs as well as taking commissions for portraits, profile pictures and posters across the globe. All of the images here are available as prints on canvas or card.